Sheltered by the trees

Sheltered by the trees - Memories of Righteous Among the Nations,

documentary created by Insolita association and Istituto Storico di Modena,

with my direction and editing.

"In Jewish tradition, when someone passes away the best way to remember that person is to plant a tree, 

because in Israel there is the desert and so a tree represents a challenge to time, a challenge to memory".

Righteous Among the Nations is a honorific conferred by the Yad Vashem Authority in Israel, to those that, during World War II, did not hesitate to risk their lives to rescue one ore more Jewish people. The meeting of Enzo, one of the main characters of the documentary, sets off on a journey to the discovery of Righteous Among the Nations in the region Emilia Romagna, from Milan to the Appennini in Modena. The stories are told by those who conserve the memory, through private documents, across fragments of childhood and narrations heard thousand of times. Without claiming any historiographic precision, the memories reconstruct a vivid and warm picture, full of details on the simple every day life, often neglected by the historic descriptions. And the journey considers a reflection on the narration itself, on the forms and abilities possible to interrogate the present time.

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